I’m from Oklahoma. It’s a place where it’s very flat and there’s lots of wind… we’re not talking about my music career here, okay? It’s a place where I spent lots of time playing the piano with my toe, and climbing as high as I could to sit in the tops of trees… times when I would dream and wonder where my big stage would be someday.


Well, reality grabbed a hold of me pretty quickly when I decided to be on my own at 18, met my husband George, and became a mother at age 22. You can’t just impress people with your tree-climbing ability when you need to buy diapers and put a roof over your head! So, crazy dreams went by the wayside, as they do for so many of us women.


Instead, those dreams were replaced with other longings, like the hopes that your kids will stop throwing their junk all over the floor, or that your husband might actually help you clean something. But through it all, I always managed to find a place to perform. My kitchen floor was the perfect stage. With a baby crawling underfoot, I had a cheap, cranked up radio and a sink full of dirty dishes for an audience. That’s when I decided I was going to be a country star! (hehe)


There’s nothing like having four kids ranging from two-months old to nine years old, while going to college full-time and working part time, with a husband who works long hours, to make a songwriter out of you! So at age 31, succumbing to my stress and post-partum depression, I grabbed a notebook and a pencil and out they flew…. songs. And lots of them!


After fooling around with it for a while and starting to think I was pretty good, I asked my entire family what every aspiring country star does; wanna move to Nashville? So I landed myself a teaching job, we loaded up the truck, trampoline and all, and moved to Sumner County. There I spent my days working full time, and spent my evenings doing what most moms do; cranking out dinner, helping with homework, being a 'taxi driver', and then grabbing my guitar and disappearing off to some joint where I could climb on a stage and find someone to lend an ear.

Well, turns out I did find some 'someones''. And now I've gone from my kitchen in Tennessee, to places I could never have imagined while sitting at the tops of those tress in Oklahoma. I've been lucky enough to play the most famous venues in Nashville, to the biggest country music festivals in Europe, plus lots of places in between. I'm proud to be a working mom, and I have a lot to say. So get out the dish soap, crank up your radio, and come see me on the 'big stage'. Because crazy dreams absolutely come true!