Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD) is a rare neurological disease causing chronic pain due to a malfunction of the nervous system. In a nutshell, the nervous system becomes hyperactive and keeps reacting to an injury that has already healed and no longer exists (or in very rare cases never existed). The brain continues to send pain signals which get caught in a loop, and symptoms occur over and over again. Usually a minor injury or trauma such as a bite, sprain, cut, routine surgery, etc. triggers CRPS/RSD. It happens to perfectly normal, healthy, unsuspecting people, and even to children. Though symptoms wax and wane, it is often debilitating, and can be disabling. CRPS/RSD is a life-altering condition, and sadly has earned the nicknamed the 'suicide disease'.

CRPS/RSD affects a limb or other body parts, and can also spread to different areas or the whole body. It causes prolonged and excessive pain, and often combines with other symptoms, such as swelling, sweating, abnormal hair and nail growth, tremors, and skin temperature/color changes. There is no cure, but diagnosis within the first 2-3 months is critical for the best chance of reversal or remission. Yet since it's a rare disease, countless doctors don't recognize it. As a result, many patients lose precious time and suffer unfortunate consequences. Just by knowing this disease exists, YOU ALREADY HELPED! Thank you for being aware of CRPS/RSD. It could happen to a friend, a loved one, or even you. PLEASE help spread the word.
"Stages of Pain
Revealing My Life With CRPS/RSD" 

-a new book by Jenny Casey coming soon
Now in progress...
After years of struggling in silence, Jenny is opening up and giving a personal account of how at age 40, an unfortunate injury triggered a rare neurological disease and turned her life upside down. She hopes this book will educate and enlighten others about CRPS/RSD, and will foster better understanding of those with rare, chronic, and invisible illnesses.

Also coming soon...
Jenny is writing and illustrating a children's book, telling her story in a vivid and expressive format for people of all ages to learn from.
Sharing the photos and videos below is very difficult and extremely personal for Jenny. But she feels it is necessary in order to help others try and understand what CRPS can be like. Each patient's case is unique and different. When symptoms flare, Jenny experiences drastic physical and emotional changes. The pain can be excruciating, not only increasing pain in her affected limb, but also her entire body. Fortunately, Jenny is now getting good results from specialized physical therapy, and is determined to stay positive by focusing on what she loves.